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In October 2017 I realized that I had painted nearly every single day for seven years. Seven years. IN A ROW! wow. So you know what I did? I freaked out a little and put down the brushes. I spent a year with just a pencil and my outrage at the "Toddler in Chief" and the endless crew of morons he appointed to rape and pillage the country. It helped me cope with the fact that we are a very young country, where greed is king and until the rich and the racists die out, an unhealthy country at best. The outrage continues but I needed to shift my focus for my own sanity. I've spent the last year with a sharpie marker and a set of travelling watercolor paints (two sets actually), doing perhaps what I do best... wearing my heart on my sleeve while I continue to try and explain life to myself. I'm feeling the need to shift again. It feels like the colors are calling me. Change is hard. Change is growth. Wish me luck! I may not have something for you every day but the journey will continue. I appreciate your contributions to my story, your comments often inspire so thank you all.

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