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Hi Everyone! We're having an interesting July here in my world. I've been accepted into the Forever Young Picture Book Art Exhibition! Two of my paintings were chosen by the jury, Bird Tricks and Meet The Family.  I'm looking forward to the Reception on July 27th from 3pm to 7pm. If you're anywhere close, Please come to the reception for some wine and snacks and Art for children!


I've also been invited to do an interview in the magazine Periferal ARTeries. I'll let you know more when I know more. but here's a link if you'd like a peek at what I'm up against. I think I'm terrified to get their questions.


Thanks for checking in. I'll post again soon

1968. I woke in the morning to my family sitting together. Exactly like this. Mom holding baby Brian, Ed on her right and Sue on her left. No dad. Dad had left us. I wondered what would become of us. Too much for my 5 year old head. At some point he came back and we survived and even grew as a family. A bit of a rough ride, but all of us made it here to 2017 with varying degrees of success.

One of the characters that informed my childhood was Auntie Edna. Edna was my dad's aunt. Edna was big and loud! She had the absolute best HAHAHA laugh. Loud and strong it made you laugh just to hear it. Another thing I remember about Edna were the elaborate bathing caps she wore in Nana's pool. White skin tight rubber helmets bursting forth with vibrant flora. Amazing.

acrylic on canvas

I've started working on a visual memory book. Little snippets of my life I want to get down on canvas so they're out of my head. Childhood memories mostly. I've used chickens to represent my family - because I was a chicken as a kid, afraid of my own shadow. But chickens have many sides. They'll chase you right down and peck you if they feel the need. So I figued I could give them a myriad of emotions and still be true to the chicken. I'll try and give you the stories as I remember them because I think they inform the work and help people connect to it.

The first painting is a self portrait.

By now everyone knows that government funding for the Arts is in jeopardy. Our first step is to do our best to not let this happen. Our second step is to continue to give them all the support we can ourselves. There are a lot of fundraisers this spring. Consider supporting a Gallery you frequent. Buy a piece of Art, attend a fundraiser or just go in and chat with a gallery sitter - winters get slow : )   

Thank you Thank you everyone for playing our weekend Name the Painting Game! We got such a great response I promise we'll do this again soon! The winner is: Christina Capobianco of Tampa FL for "Get The Cat a Damn Donut." I'll get in touch with you Christina, thanks for making us laugh!


In March, Dave and I both have birthdays so we celebrate in a lot of weird ways. This Weekend I'm giving away this painting for fun! All you have to do is come up with the best name, and send it to me through the contact tab. Dave and I will choose the name we like best and ta da, you get a painting. PLEASE let me know how to get in touch with you in case you win! Be Creative!

Wow I havent Been here in a while... Sorry. Family stuff. I've been accepted into the Picasso Show at ArtScape in West Concord, MA. Two of my pieces have been juried in. Young girl Throwing a Rock and Guitar, both re-imagined Picasso paintings.


My self portrait "anonymus" was accepted into the Brush Gallery's annual  juried members show. Reception will be held Sunday December 3rd 3 to 5 pm. Please come for a glass of wine and a look at the exhibit!
Brush Gallery - 256 Market Street, Lowell, MA


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