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By now everyone knows that government funding for the Arts is in jeopardy. Our first step is to do our best to not let this happen. Our second step is to continue to give them all the support we can ourselves. There are a lot of fundraisers this spring. Consider supporting a Gallery you frequent. Buy a piece of Art, attend a fundraiser or just go in and chat with a gallery sitter - winters get slow : )   

Thank you Thank you everyone for playing our weekend Name the Painting Game! We got such a great response I promise we'll do this again soon! The winner is: Christina Capobianco of Tampa FL for "Get The Cat a Damn Donut." I'll get in touch with you Christina, thanks for making us laugh!


In March, Dave and I both have birthdays so we celebrate in a lot of weird ways. This Weekend I'm giving away this painting for fun! All you have to do is come up with the best name, and send it to me through the contact tab. Dave and I will choose the name we like best and ta da, you get a painting. PLEASE let me know how to get in touch with you in case you win! Be Creative!

Wow I havent Been here in a while... Sorry. Family stuff. I've been accepted into the Picasso Show at ArtScape in West Concord, MA. Two of my pieces have been juried in. Young girl Throwing a Rock and Guitar, both re-imagined Picasso paintings.


My self portrait "anonymus" was accepted into the Brush Gallery's annual  juried members show. Reception will be held Sunday December 3rd 3 to 5 pm. Please come for a glass of wine and a look at the exhibit!
Brush Gallery - 256 Market Street, Lowell, MA


I put a book together! Over the last several years I had an idea to keep track of the stories behind the work. I had a single copy printed to look at the quality and am passing it around to see how it reads.




Would you like to WIN this original painting just in time for gift giving season? Let's play a game! It's a search game. I'm going to give you a small section of one of my paintings, and to win you need only name the painting. Easy right?


TO ENTER: When you find the painting the piece comes from (somewhere on this website

Go to "Contacts" and leave me its name.

Please, please, please: Type "Puzzle Contest" in the subject line.

Don't forget to leave a valid email so I can contact you if you win.


On November 24th I will randomly choose a name from all of the correct entries. The painting will be shipped ready to hang. This website is new and easier to use. Pop in and take a look around!


Here's what to look for:

Please share this with friends who like games! Best of luck to all who enter!


I'm looking at October and no show! I guess I could have made it a priority, but I honestly have no idea where September went!

I've spent the last month or so painting flowers. The last of the summer blooms are gone but the fall has plenty in store.

This is called "My Mother's Children". My little brother is the center of this piece. He's a lot like our mom - can't sit still. Here I see him as bright and shining!

As August comes to a close, so does my show at the Lincoln Library. Huge success for me. Met lots of wonderful people and even sold a few pieces!

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